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Crumb Catchers

Adaptive Wear for Special Needs

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Here's Kevin with his crumbcatcher

When I brought Kevin to my home a few months ago I quickly realized that his drooling was going to be a serious problem. I spent weeks on the net looking for some kind of help. There was just nothing there. I found major surgery and a drug therapy (with major side effects). Even though I found myself mopping 2-3 times a day and changing his clothes about as often, these alternatives were simply not acceptable. I admit I was pretty desperate, but this little guy had really been through enough.

The worst part, though, was how his drooling affected our relationship. This little guy needed a lot of things, but what he needed most was hugs. How do you hug someone who's always slimy? As you can see from the picture, Kevin is a happy little man. The scarf has made all the difference.